Wander around long forgotten islands with the arrow keys. Find interesting people! Cats, and pet them!

The Lost Islands is the culmination of a workshop for Bitsy newbies. each person was challenged to create a room to add to a larger world for players to explore.  Think of it as a kind of collaborative video game, or an exquisite corpse.


DSOP Lost islands is made in Bitsy, a game editor by the fantastic Adam LeDoux

Special thanks to the staff of DSOP and the NoD coworking space, without them I wouldnt have had the chance to participate in a really fun and exciting project!

Also thank you to Sean, who's bitsy merge utility actually made it possible for me to put this together after putting it off for so long :x

Rooms (in arbitrary order)

- Rose aka Mozz 

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Author(Dallas) Society of Play
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, jam, workshop


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More fun than it deserves to be. Hopefully we can all meet up someday when viruses aren’t everywhere.